Credomatic names you Sir Rover

In Costa Rica, between October and December, two specific phenomenons occur which alter and reduce the use of credit cards. First of all there is the strong commercial activity occurring in retail stores in November, the Christmas season and New Year. Second of all are the bonuses, a legal practice which represents a 13th month of extra salary.This causes consumers´ bank accounts to have greater liquid funds, which means more cash circulating in the country, which decreases the use of credit cards.
To counteract the effects of these two situations, Credomatic regularly implements a raffle of a luxury vehicle among its cardholders who participate by accumulating shares generated automatically when spending more than a specific amount. This promotion was held for four years consecutively but the 2014 edition needed to determine how much the promotion incentivised costumers to use their cards. An enrolment process was included , so that cardholders consciously participated.
Therefore, our challenge was to ensure that, at a time when there is more cash available, people decide to use their cards for big purchases (over 25,000 colones). We also needed to arouse the interest of cardholders to enrol in the promotion. The idea was to promote the raffle of the car this season as if it were more than a car , a nobel English title . Thus emphasising the nobel status acquired by the winner of the riffle. The Land Rover Discovery is an English car, which is characterised by being owned by people of high status.
So what is the highest status an Englishman who is out of royalty can get? Being named Sir.
By combining the car and the title we gave birth to the concept of the “Credomatic names you Sir. Rover “.